Black Desert E-Sports Event : How far it can go in 24h


1  Trading Market is just used for buying goods, but no sale of any goods.

2  No use of Warehouse, but Heidel will be working as banking system only.(Account at heidel has to be 0 at the beggining)

3  Earned Silvers will use for any kind, but no use of prepared account at warehouses.(Heidel will be only useable account on this game)

4  Item and goods from warehouse is not available on battle.

Temporary Rules

1  Carriage will be prepared at the beggining. (to withdraw Carrige, Olivia`s warehouse will be use at the beggining.)

2  Pets and Fairy will be available at this time of battle.

Rules in considerd (in future but not this time)

1  After Lv50, PK will be used as interruption of other player.


  • 1000 / 1000